Key West Limos, Inc. & Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations


1) Overtime will be billed in hourly increments at the contracted rate, no quarter or half hour rates.



2) No Alcohol may be consumed or possessed by anyone under the age of 21 years of age while in the limousine.   Failure to follow this rule will result in immediate termination without refund.



3) No illegal drug use will be tolerated. Failure to follow this rule will result in immediate termination without refund



4) No Smoking, no exceptions, failure to follow this rule will result in a $100 charge each time without warning.



5) Billing Party and Passengers are responsible for any and all damages caused by passengers to the inside and outside of the contracted vehicle and will be charged to the billing party for the repair and loss of income of the vehicle until repaired.



6) All glassware will have a $10 per item charge for broken, chipped, or missing glassware.



7) Excessive dirt or trash will result in a $100 cleaning fee.



8) We want you to have a wonderful experience, but unruly persons will be dropped off at the sole discretion of the Chauffeur with no refunds.



9) Key West Party Time Limo or its employees will not be held liable or responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property.



8) Due to the size of the limos and the small and narrow streets, the Chauffeur may have to navigate among several streets to safely arrive on an adjoining street, your patience and understanding is expected.



10)  Clean-up fee for vomit will be assessed on a per case basis with a minimum fee of $75 up to $300.



11)Customers understand that in the event of any mechanical issues that a limousine may be substituted without notice or refund.